the BION-IC MAN of dem pretty boys

So you call yourself a hustler, a entrepreneur, a businessman, right? Well, all this shine comes with a price tag. Angello “Bion” Flint hops off his plane from Chicago home of his family and some rental property he owns, and lands at Omaha’s Epply airfield, calls me as soon as he has service. He apologizes for his delay and fills me in on the details on the time we are meeting. Bion is right on time and dressed to the 9s. Additional accessories? Two 6’ tall exotic looking and beautiful model type females. One a long black haired, golden honey color skin and the other a long blond haired, rock-star model type with tattoos to match. We meet at the Vue Lounge in Midtown Crossing, Omaha to do the shoot at a baby grand piano. See, Bion is a player, but not a piano player…  He tells me how it began a few years ago after ‘hundreds of parties.’ His Kappa brother Bishop knew Bion, being the president of the Omaha Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, had what it took to help take off with D.P.B. Bion says, ”We attract a more mature crowd then most promoters.” He knows others approach ‘gettin’ down’ to business is different. “We keep it upscale so that we ensure that when people come to our events, they have a positive experience that keeps them spreading the good  word.” He tells me, for a promoter, the key is to do allot of grass-roots marketing. “I hand out fliers to this day to meet my patrons face to face, no matter how good a turnout it is. Some people get too relaxed on this important step, but I keep plugging away like Obama did his campaign.”This September marked the date he stepped out from just a promoter to co-owner of Silhouettes Lounge in Omaha.I asked him what’s next and he smiles, ”Well, we got Lincoln, Omaha and I’m from Chicago so maybe take it on home.” I think with Bion’s swagg, sky’s the limit! Right as we end our shoot he adds to please let the people who support D.P.B. (Dem Pretty Boys) that “We appreciate each and every one of them. Because with out them then we would not be as successful as we have been.”

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