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Jason Fischer, Omaha filmmaker, artist and producer, is launching “InFuse Live,” a TV series highlighting the often overlooked talent from the Midwest. The series will begin filming in fall 2012, and pair various local artists from different genres to create a unique way to promote the talent in the area.

Visually similar to “Def Poetry Jam”, “InFuse Live” is unique in highlighting collaborations
between seemingly dissimilar artists to display each individual artist’s talents. Pretty much a remix live on stage! As a fan of the remix culture, Fischer envisions mixing the works of a spoken word poet with a country artist, a live DJ with a belly dancer group, a hip-hop artist with a live band, just to name a few of the possible combinations. To star in the series, he is seeking trendsetters and innovators in a variety of genres and giving them a platform in which to launch their careers.

InFuse Live” the brainchild of Fischer, comes from years of attending open mic events, CD
release parties and artists’ performances to recognize the depth of talent in the Omaha-area but
also to recognize the lack of a platform in order to showcase those talents. Fischer said, “I have
watched heart-felt performances by some of the most talented artists in this country go
completely unnoticed. I have watched these artists end possible lucrative careers by chucking it
all and going to ‘work.’ They become hobby artists thereby depriving the rest of the country of
the beautiful, soul-stirring, creative work that is born of a region and experience not reflected in
mainstream media.”

Initially, “InFuse Live” will be marketed as a web series with plans to shop it as a television
series. Episodes will be available for purchase in DVD format or online downloads. Fischer
hopes to expand the series and include several Midwestern cities in the future episodes.
Limited in budget, Fischer is seeking donations to help supplement the cost to pay for
additional pre and post production crews including sound specialists and a camera crew, as well
as the possibility of providing artists with a stipend. Donations can be made via the site or as little as $1 to $5000 support the cause.

Jason R. Fischer is one of Omaha’s most sought-after photographers and graphic
designers. He has been crafting his personal design aesthetic and photography vision for nearly a
decade. In 2002, he started Surreal Media Labs, LLC, which provided networking and creative
opportunities across the country. This led to features in national magazines, musical websites,
and on the covers of dozens of projects.


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