Model Search 2011 Canidates (May-June)

Apply NOW!! To get featured in March/April issue of MidStarz Magazine… the Midwest’s blazin’ NEW urban magazine!

Do you have what it takes to be featured in MidStarz Magazine? Go fill out an application.

✩ Get your own 4 Page spread and interview!
✩ A professional photo shoot with includes hair, makeup, and wardrobe!
✩ Be seen by over 50,000+ fans in your own featured shoot & interview!
✩ Winner gets a chance to go on a National Tour!

Deadline:  April 30, 2011 12PM

Below are some of the featured models that have submitted their applications.

To register look on our top links under “MODEL SEARCH
*MidStarz does not shoot submission photos and not liable for crediting photographers for use of photos for this competition.

5 Responses to “Model Search 2011 Canidates (May-June)”

  1. i vote for ashley welch

  2. shes gorgeous and def deserves it! so vote for ashley w PEOPLES!<3

  3. Haley Jacobsen says:

    I am voting for this girl! she is absolutely gorgeous and deserves to win!! 🙂

  4. Haley Jacobsen says:

    okay, i obviously don’t understand this website, but i’m blonde sorry. I want to vote for Ashley Welch, she is gorgeous and deserves to win!

  5. Alex Noecker says:

    Ashley Welch Is Deff. has the best body out of all the other girls. With her facial features just stunning.

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