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Rising Stars – Midstarz Magazine
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Rising Stars

Stengy EntertainmentStengy Entertainment is the brainchild of Kali Boi and DVD, two local rappers who spit game and keep it real. Cousins by birth but fellow MC’s by trade, Dawon “DVD” Hughes and Pre’Sha “Kali Boi” Allen hail from Lincoln where they help keep the hip-hop scene fresh and current. They’ve created the local entertainment label- dubbed Stengy- as a way to look to hit it big while staying independent.

The two got together and started making music around 2002 and have since made a name for themselves.   They play as a group and have also signed on some solo artists to the label as well: rappers Burn, 2 Jon, Pro, Do Doe and a few others.Kali Boi, like his name implies, had seen the light of the California sun before he came over to Omaha. DVD has lived locally in the area for over twenty years, where he found himself in and out of trouble while growing up. He soon discovered a passion for hip-hop and began making and producing his own music.
“The first group started in 2002, and the first record from anybody that’s affiliated with us is called ‘Allsiderz’,” DVD says when asked about the duo’s beginnings. He and Kali Boi dropped by the studio and definitely look the part of rap stars. DVD’s got on jeans, a leather jacket and some bling. It’s nothing gaudy, just the look of a focused and driven hip-hop star in the making.He mentions doing some work with other local rappers that didn’t really pan out, that is, until he met up with cousin Kali. When DVD and Kali Boi got together to collaborate they started out going by Trapp Boiz. “Our first joint was Goin’ Ghetto Gold,” DVD recalls. “We just put that together ourselves.” Both Goin’ Ghetto Gold and its follow-up, Just Business, were home recordings that featured DVD and Kali Boi rapping in the shower over beats and mixes made with Pro Tools. They’ve upgraded some since, and their newest album Grind All Day, Hustle All Night features the hit singles “Guess What?” and “Chick in the Back” with Jim Jones. What started as Trapp Boiz is now strictly Stengy, a label-wide platform to better promote themselves and their colleagues.I asked them what all they dug besides being prolific rappers. Like how did they feel about music past versus present?“Well before, with [Tupac Shakur], he had it going towards more positive, talking about what you doing with your life. And now it’s just dances,” says Kali Boi, implying that the hip-hop community has lost some of its meaning since its 90’s heyday.
“Yeah, I like the old-school rap better,” Kali finishes.DVD had something to say about it too. “How I feel about it is, that was that era of music, with that time and that feel of it. To the youth now, this music is great. But to the youth then, that music was great.”That’s a pretty fair way to describe the cultural shift in hip-hop relevance.As for their own sound, they say that they don’t compare themselves to anyone.“I don’t wanna be like nobody,” DVD says when I ask. “I’m my own man.” And Kali agrees.They talked about how inspiration has been easier to come by as of late. “It used to be hard to make a song, now it’s like ah you hear that? Let’s go,” DVD says of their current style of putting out a lot of music.
I ask if either one has been to jail, and if that’s provided any material for their songs. They both quickly plead the fifth. Understandable because hey, I guess I did put them on the spot. They do each tell me that they’ve been through a lot, with the rough times providing the rappers with a weathered sense of confidence. Ultimately, they write about whatever they are feeling when they get into the studio.DVD and Kali Boi played a seven-city regional tour this past summer, playing mostly in clubs. They’ve been known to tour with Paul Wall and Lil Boosie in the past.I had one last question for the guys before I could let them go, I asked what message they hoped to spread with their music.
Kali Boi rings in, “I want to send a message to get your money up. Don’t be slacking on your pimpin’ and keep your mind right. But be free to hate on us you know?”

Below are some videos from Stengy Entertaimnet’s DVD & Kali Boi






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