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MidStarlet “Brandie Copeland” – Midstarz Magazine
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MidStarlet “Brandie Copeland”

If you took Oprah’s ambition (and her career path) and mixed it with Beyonce’s sexy curves, you’d end up with this month’s MidStarlet, Ms. Brandie Copeland. She’s a fine young woman with some traditional values when it comes to romance. But when it comes to her career and sex, Brandie is about as modern as they come.

What makes Midwest women different than big city women?

I would have to say that our women in the Midwest have a big confidence level that could definitely top other cities. If we want something/someone we will find a way to get it, by any means.

Are you into sports? Are you involved in any?

I love all types of sports and being active helps keep the body stay nice and toned. I ran track in high school, and I love to play tennis when I have free time.

What’s the best first date you have been on?

My best first date would have to be the time we went to a romantic dinner downtown and then he took me on a boat ride around a huge water fountain filled with lights and then ended the night with a movie.

Ever get butterflies in your stomach from a guy and how?

I get butterflies from guys who that I am completely attracted to. He says all the right things, and he always smells and looks good on sight every time I see him. It keeps me feeling like every time I see him, was like the first time.

What do guys need to know if they want to get with you?

For all the fellas out there thinking to approach me, some things you should know is that I love flowers and I love to eat, so it’s a big plus if you know how to cook for me. Massages are a must. And I can be a little firecracker at times… You have to be able to put out my flames.

Are you a physically or mentally attracted person?

When guys first see me I already know their first impression of me is 100% physical, but when they realize how real and down to earth I am they fall in love with my mental impression. With me, I HAVE to be physically attracted to you for it to work out, if I love what I see (and you smell good) then it’s a wrap.

Is romance dead?

No, romance is not dead. Some people tend to forget the simple things that keep us women happy. But for me; candles, slow jams, a good massage, dimmed lights and whip cream can never get old.

Do you have a “spot” that gets you hot?

This might sound crazy, but the SPOT that gets me HOT is a slow wet kiss on the side of my waist right next to my hips.

Is it true you have toy parties? What goes on at those?

It is very true that I LOVE to have sex toy parties. I invite the girls over, or sometimes do a couples thing, we get bottles of wine, slow baby making music and a few finger foods and my host will come over with all those amazing sex toys and we spice up some tricks in the bedroom.

Do you have anyone special in your life?

I do have a special person in my life. He is a great boyfriend and a great listener. We met in school, when we both attended Northwest high. We are best friends and can talk about ANYTHING. Which I believe is the important thing in all relationships, is that open communication.

What do you think about marriage?

I think marriage is a beautiful thing when the time is right for the both of you. Make sure the communication is there, and the love is unconditional. If you can’t see your life continuing on without that person then I say go for it!

Hottest celebrity and why?

My top 3 super sexy celebrities would have to be T.I, Wacka Flocka and Pauly from Jersey Shore. [licks lips] All three got a very sexy swag in their own way.

Is modeling your thing or do you like to just show off?

Both. I just recently got into modeling, and so far I love everything about it. I’m not tall enough to do runway, but definitely print modeling is super fun and exciting to me. Plus I won’t have this body forever, so why not show off a little. (laughs)

Who are some of the women you feel you look up to?

I love my mom, with all my heart. We talk, we laugh and joke all the time and love shopping. Though, I would have to say that I look up to Oprah for her accomplishments. She came from nothing and paved her own way. She is filthy rich and the ultimate business woman. Strong and delicate all at the same time, and one day I hope to follow her foot steps with a modeling twist.

What do you see yourself doing in the next few years in life?

I am in college working to get a degree in Broadcast Communications, and I see myself having my own television/talk show one of these days. And eventually become the best business women that I can be. I want to continue doing print modeling and live a long healthy life.

One of Brandie’s favorite quotes is “Don’t let someone become your everything, because when they leave you have nothing.” With her looks, her intelligence, her confidence and her ambition, she’s probably not going to have to worry a whole lot about having nothing.

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