loom Weaves Issue #2 MidStarz Magazine Release Party


Espana Restaurant Inc

6064 Maple Street
Omaha, NE

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⏏ Weaving the Social Fabric Through Dance ⏏
Come to Dance / Celebrate Diversity / Connect Thru Music

⏏ @ España / 6064 Maple St / $5 / 9 pm-2 am / 21+ ⏏
+ Call 505-9917 for dinner reservations
…++ Day of birth celebrations for Brent Crampton & Jamal Jawhar
+++ Special NYC guest Master Kev w/opening set by Kethro & live violin by Kaitlyn Maria Filippini
++++ Magazine release party for Midstarz

⏏⏏ A note from loom co-creator Brent Crampton ⏏⏏
I’ll be celebrating my birthday on this night (actual date, April 4) and I wanna get down with the fam on the dance floor. To gift myself, we’re bringing in Master Kev from NYC to set Omaha on fire. The back story with why I chose him to come through is all due to last October when I was down in Playa del Carmen for the annual Mi Casa Holiday. Dozens of DJs from all around playing that weekend. Of all that I witnessed, this man took the whole damn cake. The crowd, the energy, his tracks and the way he worked the mixing board—it was pure, out-this-world, drug free magic. So I’d like to share that with Omaha.

“Kev is becoming known around the world as the face of New York soulful house.”—5 Magazine

Master Kev won a DJ mix contest in the 90’s, which caught the ear of loom’s good friend Raven Fox, who turned Tony Humphries (the man that put Club Zanibar in the history books) onto Kev. From there, Tony took Kev on as a kind of protege, touring the world and working on his imprint, Yellorange Records. On the production side, releases on Defected & Code Red with “Twisted” & “String Thing” sealed the deal that he’s a master both in the DJ booth and studio. The loom fam is probably most familiar with his incredible bootlegged remix of Radio Head’s “Creep” or Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour.”

Needless to say, it’s an honor to have him join us at loom.

Additionally, a new magazine called Midstarz has hit the streets of Omaha focused on hip-hop & various urban culture outlets. In their recent issue, they’ve given me a chance to tell my story in music. Be sure to grab a hard copy on this night & check out the video interview here:

⏏ Hosted by Jay “rhythmSOULdier” Kline & Midstarz Mag ⏏

⏏ For more info . . . ⏏
Master Kev Facebook Page:
Midstarz Mag:
loom’s Facebook group:
Photos from past loom events:

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