loom… weaves Carnival 2011

“loom” does it again with a full experience to stimulate all your senses at the Carnival 2011 held at Nomad Lounge in Omaha, NE. As soon as you got in the door (if you could) it was a wall to wall explosion of beautiful color, sounds, music and people. Dancing was a sea of energy and excitement. MidStarz Magzine was sharing the love as everyone enjoyed them selves. There where drums, whistles, bells and other Brazilian influenced music and sounds weaved together by the mistro himself Brent Crampton and fellow other musicians and deejays.

Just when you thought the club could get any hotter. A group of ladies of all nationalities from white, asian, latin and few more hopped on the bar counter and put on quite a show.

Simply put “loom” events are what we all want when we go out. It’s cinematic with all the characters, beauty, energy and excitement. What’s Next?!

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