Grape Ape ’75 Caprice

Midwest Customs 75 Caprice

Lean’d Out

‘75 caprice classic At first glance you might not want to take your papi’s old school classic daily driver and turn it into a pure “G” mobile. But as we all know stock is for sissy’s! So they called up our fam at MWC (Midwest Customs Auto) and talked to our guy Bruce about flipping this ride into a clean, mean, street machine. The guys over at MWC had a field day with it. They stripped out the seats and the dash, unbolted the doors and even stole the steering wheel. Well they really were doing me a favour by taking it. So then Bruce asked him what color he wanted it.

He said my favorite flavor is candy grape by House of Color. Jerry is the painter and he told me if you want this ride done right then he’s shaving my slab’s door handles off too. So whall-ahh they are gone. Now down to the important details. We used 7 gallons of product base, candy and clear. Left if drippin’ wet. The purple suede with white leather seats got installed then the Colorado Custom’s billet steering wheel. Check out the massive stereo details in the audio specs. Just as they finished all the fibreglass doors, trunk and all, they said don’t forget your shoes and threw on a set of 28” Asaniti rims with perelli p-zero tires.

Vehicle Stats

  • (6) 1000W -12” RE subs housed in custom MDF and fibreglass
  • 5.25” Midrange Speaks housed in custom fibreglass and vinyl doorpanels and rear interior
  • Kenwood CD player
  • 3000W U.S. amp / rack with led accent light
  • 200amp
  • Powermaster alternator

295/25/28 perelli tires

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